Why Sledgehammer Games’ Call Of Duty 2014 is set to be MW4.

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It’s no secret that the Call Of Duty machine is once again at work with its annual cycle of build up-and-excitement, and with so many fans keen to see how Sledgehammer Games (SHG) will unveil their latest entry into the series, its fair to say the loosely termed ‘cod hype’ has officially begun.

As the reveal awaits just around the corner, there is much speculation as to what direction the newly independent SHG are going to take. The idea and probability that SHG will be continuing the Modern Warfare franchise is quite high, firstly due to the fact that; it’s familiar to them. This is a bold new leap for the development studio, and what other way to win the fans hearts over than by reigniting the flame on a dying franchise.

The Modern Warfare theme was definitely on the brink of failure after MW3, as the poorly rehashed MP and co-op mode provided nothing but instability to the ‘Three Pillar Giant’, which was only saved by the compelling story line. Interestingly enough this is where SHG mainly worked on. In Glen Schofield’s talk on ‘The Art of Inspiration’ he talked about what role the studio played in making MW3. As an example, he brings up a Somalia level from the single player campaign “Return to Sender ” in which he goes in depth on how much creative effort went into creating just one mission, something that we as consumers take for granted. So from this we can see SHG has already invested lots of time┬áinto Infinity Ward’s burnt out signature franchise, so it’s only natural for a team, so new to the series to carry the torch, albeit a dying light.

This does seem fitting seeing as IW has now branched off into a new Call Of Duty universe with the Ghost’s.

Further reasons to believe SHG should be the successors to modern warfare is that it would fit a stable development pattern for the years to come… With a consistent pattern of Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Ghosts, the fans would be getting a healthy diversity of vitamin cod, without building up a tolerance that eventually leads to sickness such as; vomiting, chronic diarrhea or worst of all, boredom.

Speaking of boredom, Call Of Duty: ghosts has recently been pushing for more and more micro DLC, allowing you to dress your characters hands up as previous villains and or legends from the modern warfare world. Could IW be alluding as to whats next by drawing attention to the past characters from modern warfare? It does seem convincing.

Further evidence to suggest SHG are heading towards Modern Warfare is, of course, the release of a HQ character image for cod2014, which does genuinely look very impressive. CharlieINTEL.com and others made the link between the recent image and its uncanny resemblance to Sgt. Foley from MW2, a coincidence perhaps? or does that count as racism? Sgt. Foley did however survive the test of time, giving SHG the potential for a developing story line.

The only real argument for SHG not making a Modern Warfare 4 would be simply because IW had concluded with the story. in 2013 during E3 talks about ghosts, IW stated that they ‘could have done MW4‘ and for a while it was in development, however they decided that the best way forward in a new generation of consoles would be to start fresh with Ghosts.

Even this can be used to reinforce the probability of SHG making a MW4, as Infinity Ward’s initial development in 2013 means that the ground work for another sequel has already been set.

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