3 new AR’s and 1 new shotgun. (COD AW MP weapons list thoughts.)

This is not hating, this is pre-launch critiquing.

Our opinion of a successful Call Of Duty is based off the pre-launch build up, how it plays during its life cycle and its post launch support.

So as the days creep closer to November 3rd, cheeky fans are managing to get pre-launch copies of the game. Surprise surprise the leaked images are beginning to surface. We’ve seen what weapons we’ll be playing with when the game finally launches and let me be the first to say; it’s not looking good.

Sure the futuristic weapons like the IMR, EM1, EPM3 and XMG’s will be great fun to play with, and their ‘variants’ will keep us occupied for a little  longer, but have SHG really added enough base weapons for the community to be satisfied with? Lets have a look at the facts. From the available information out there at the moment regarding weapons:

The assault rifles consist of: Bal-27AK12, ARX-160, HBRa3IMR, MK14.

The smg’s consist of: KF5, MP11, ASM1, SN6, SAC3(vector), AMR9.

The sniper rifles consist of: Lynx, MORS, NA-45, Atlas 20mm.

The shotguns consist of: Tac-19, S-12, Bulldog.

The lmg’s consist of: EM1, Pyteak, XMG, EPM3, Ameli.

The known pistols : Mp443-Grach, PDW, RW1, Atlas 45.

Special weapons consist of: Heavy shieldCrossbow.

Launchers consist of: MAAWS, Stinger M7.

The Bold weapons represent the new ones so there’s 20 new weapons. The unbolded represent the recycled weapons; there’s 12 recycled weapons. To put that into a percentage 31% of the weapons in Advanced Warfare are recycled. That’s way more than previous years. Ghosts and Black Ops 2 collectively recycled less weapons combined and they had both had more weapons to choose from. Its funny considering the futuristic setting, you’d think more new weapons would have cycled into military use by then.

Some will say “What about the weapon variants!? there are over 350 weapon variants in Advanced Warfare!” Well if you class minor stat changes and slapping a different camo on your weapon a ‘new’ weapon then SHG have done well to convince you that your not being cut short, just like how they’ve disguised the most annoying Death Streaks as “Exo Abilities”; *cough cough* juiced & painkiller *cough cough*. Only you get them EVERY life as opposed to after going on a death streak. (Nooooooooooooob alert.)

Sure professional, enlisted & elite variants are cool to have, but it does not cover up the fact that nearly half of your weapons are copied straight out of Ghosts with a 3 year development cycle. The bottom line is there ain’t enough base weapons at launch. 

We are living in an age with more processing power, more memory capacity and brilliant graphical capabilities. SHG have no excuse for this with a 3 year dev cycle, more resources & next gen hardware. Its even worse that IW & SHG started  their game development at the same time and most probably knew what weapons would feature in each game.

The lack of weaponry in Advanced Warfare at launch will most likely be compensated for with DLC which would add 1 bonus weapon when you buy it. Yes Sledgehammer we know all of the weapons in cod are hard-coded into the game from the start.

This also brings up micro-transactions. We all love these right? Don’t be surprised if you see individual weapons on the store at a stupid price.

On the whole this is a step in the wrong direction for Call Of Duty, and as huge fans of the series this disappoints us. We know we’ll have a hell of a time with the new exo movement mechanics but the lack of base weaponry selection is a big kick in the balls for old cod players who have been looking at the same guns for years now.

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