Frame-By-Frame analysis of Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer Tease.

As of 29/07/2014, Call Of Duty released an official campaign trailer, which gave a sneak peek of the House Of Cards star Kevin Spacey, and his role as Johnathon Irons. He appears to be a man driven by political power which parallels with Frank Underwood’s character. The more you think about it, the more you realize how well Spacey is suited to Call Of Duty. We believe he is the perfect character for the role and cannot wait to see how his character changes and develops as you progress through the campaign.

But what we’re all really interested in besides the missions is the M-M-M-Multiplayer, which was teased by the folks over at SHG getting us hyped for Gamescom in Germany. We’re going to give you literally the most in-depth analysis any fucker out there will do. Firstly lets break down the 1st frame.

Not much to see here, except if you look close at the player chasing Iron Man you’ll see he has no gun, and looks to be holding a shank of some sort.

Frame 2 displays elegant use of the boost mechanic in game. We see that it can be fully controlled in MP as he goes full circle around Rambo, opposed to a fixed animation.

This frame is the money maker. Firstly how could anyone miss this HUGE tidal wave coming onto the map about to shake up the fight. Could this be a player triggered streak like the field orders in Ghosts, or just a natural event that occurs through the match?

The HUD reverts back to the classic position in the top left side of the screen. It’s changes include; square shaped instead of rectangular, more zoomed in so that players see less of whats on the mini map, shaded areas representing different heights and the compass remains as normal. Some welcome news to the old school CoD players out there.

After many people complaining about the kill feed being moved up to the top right in Ghosts, it appears SHG has agreed with the communities voice and put it back down to where it originally  was. Why fix something if it ain’t broke?

Hallelujah the scorestreak system is back! After IW refused to adopt the brilliant Treyarch innovation known as scorestreaks, pretty much everyone felt as if it was a step backwards with regards to MP. We sure did. The scorestreak interface allowed players to get rewarded for nearly all contributions in a match, and they were proportional too. From EMPing a Guardian to hacking a claymore to PTFOing, the scorestreak system is superior to the pointstreak system in nearly every way.  Also, not only has SHG revived the scorestreaks’, they’ve tackled the only problem it had in Black ops 2, which was the UI (user interface). It only showed a bar, which meant nobody actually knew how far off exactly they were from their next streak unless you kept count… Then props to you. The improved version deducts score from your streaks, telling you exactly how much score is needed until you obtain your next streak. Simple and effective.

Next, the streaks themselves. We believe the 700 scorestreak is a VTOL aircraft, which either hovers like a harrier or acts like a normal chopper, patrolling the map in search of enemies. Below that the scorestreak at 600 score looks to be some kind of Warthog variant, either being an airstrike or making strafe runs.

Last is the most interesting. Two icons in the bottom right obviously indicate to the Exosuit abilities. From the image, it confirms that players can choose from two abilities to have in their arsenal. They also seem to have recharge bars for the obvious purpose of balancing. What these abilities are we do not know yet, but we’ll be sure to find out more how they work at Gamescom in August.

Holy Shit. Look at how much air this guy has. Obviously Michael Jordan is an unlockable character in Advanced Warfare. No but seriously this player has to be at least 15m off the ground. Never would we have thought that this kind of verticality would make its way into a CoD multiplayer. So fresh and so clean.

  Speaking of clean, could this gun being used possibly have the cleanest iron sights EVER in a Call Of Duty game? That is for you guys to decide.

As for the Golden Gate bridge in the background, we know this seems a little far fetched but do you think it will be possible for us to get up there? So that GRIZZ can get some sweet sweet clipz to put in his montages.

As important as it is to look for whats new on screen, what about whats missing? There is no sign of any tactical or lethal equipment, implying that you could once again be able to remove them in trade-off’s for more valuable perks or attachments.

It seems SHG is taking another page out of Treyarch’s book with medals, and we’re fine with that! A subtle yet stylish accolade to receive in-game showing what you’ve achieved was a great addition in Black Ops 2 and we’re happy to see it return.

New hit marker alert! Eight lines replace the classic four which have been a staple in the series since CoD4. We don’t really know what to think of these as of yet… They don’t seem too obtrusive visually. 100 score per kill in TDM is confirmed also.

Last but not least, the red & white Exosuit. Looks pretty sweet huh?  It’s pretty much confirmed now that there will be camo’s for the Exosuit, with the Brass, American flag and R&W skins we’ve seen so far, it would be pretty silly if they didn’t feature in all honestly. Also confirmed is that dashing will be in MP after much speculation. This will be a god send to those who despise snipers, as quickly dashing from a snipers Line of Sight will be sure to save your life on more than one occasion.

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