Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Multiplayer Model)

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the Sledge Hammer Games’ next entry into the Call Of Duty universe, creating all new fiction by taking the fight to 2054. This will free the developers to be able to implement game changing features to the multiplayer with the inclusion of advanced warfare technology.

In this article, we will focus on predicting how the multiplayer will be modelled.


This section will model what abilities the exosuits will have, and they will be implemented into MP.

  • Exo-Speed faster base movement speed and sprinting.
  • Exo-Strength increased melee damage, break through walls.
  • Exo-Boost  freely manoeuvre a boost jump. [CONFIRMED]
  • Exo-Dash quickly jump strafe to cover. [CONFIRMED]

Implications to PERKS

Could the Exo-Skeletons have such a variety of uses such that they replace perks altogether? This seems too extreme to believe at first, but when you imagine all the possible uses an Exo-skeleton can have, they could be used to stockpile a bunch of perks into one Exo-Skeleton, as well as preventing players from stacking OP or cheap perk set-ups that contribute to a slow paced game.

For example Exo-Speed might give a player quick-draw, sleight of hand, lightweight, marathon etc, as opposed to just faster base movement.

An Exo-Stealth skeleton could give players Dead Silence, Ghost, Incog and Takedown.

Stray perks that don’t fit in could be re-imagined in the form of equipment or attachments; steady aim could be in the form of a laser sight again, blast shield could be in equipment & Fully loaded could be extra equipable mags, thus  freshening up the gameplay dynamics.

Implications to MAPS

The implications of such core gameplay changes would mean;

  • larger maps to coincide with the faster movement.
  • vertical flank routes meaning an enemy could execute an areal attack from roofs or even jump up to a first story window to counter attack.
  • More spaced out cover points to cater to the dashing & boosting ability.

Why do you think Pipeline has been chosen to return to Advanced Warfare? Because it is a large, well spaced out map that is suited to Exo-Skeleton gameplay. Why not Crossfire instead? Because Crossfire, although beloved by many lacks verticality and is too linear.



We have little reason to believe why the Create-A-Soldier system from Call Of Duty: Ghosts will not return. The idea of building not only your soldier but your squad seems to be the way forward.

Within the create a soldier system exists ‘create-a-class’, which will feature a number of modifications. With the futuristic setting, Sledgehammer has the option of putting directed energy weaponry into the mix, which will likely replace your primary weapon or be a streak unlock. Also with the assumption of the maps being larger, for the shotguns to have a viable place in gunfights, the range will have to be increased proportionally, or be made secondaries again.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason however for Marksman rifle’s to return to Advanced Warfare, as they were a pointless attempt to ‘bridge the gap between ar and sniper’, as well as trying to make the game feel new. This gimmicky feature sees no reason to return, so we are going under the assumption that they will be merged back into their constituent predecessors; assault and sniper.

On the topic of secondaries, we will undoubtedly be seeing some futuristic novelty handguns, as well as the possible return of the machine pistols. It is thought this because it seems like the only natural way pistols can advance, is to up the fire rate to full-auto. Also with all of the potential for new airborne kill-streaks, you can be be more than certain that lock-on launchers will find their way back into MP in one way or another. In fact, we think the launchers will play a prominent role in both land and air combat, with a variety of single, burst, automatic and lock on launchers all to be featured.

On a whole though, we think, that due to Sledgehammers intrigue with competitive play; ” working closely with, and for, the competitive community”, secondaries will be hard to master, and play very niche rolls like the executioner,  FiveseveN and P226. 


Here is a basic idea of how we think the Multiplayer Menu will be formatted:


Opening the Class 1 shows:
Choosing your primary:
With the recent information regarding the return of scorestreaks, we’re wondering if they will be CC’d from Black Ops 2, or altered in anyways.
From the MP tease, we’ve already noticed a few changes added and we’ll be reviewing them in the near future!
More details to be added, to stay tuned, follow @rizzleblog on twitter for the latest updates.

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